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     Happy Summer, Students!!

    Here are some activities to keep your brains sharp over summer break!


     Here is a history site you can check out. You can click on any subjuct that interests you, and learn about it. There are quizzes and games that go with some of the topics. 


    Here is the link to our Social Studies text.  There are many links on this site for you follow to learn more information about the topics we covered in class, or you can explore new topics that interest you!
    Copy and paste this site into a new window:

    If you click on the "link library" on the left, you can virtually ride some popular Disney World rides!  I am missing my happy place, so seeing some of my favorite attractions has been fun for me.
    You can email me at clafuria@eriesd.org and let me know which ones you liked the most!   


    You can continue to work through Smart Futures. Even if you have completed all your tasks for this school year, you can still explore different jobs and careers!  

    Directions to access Smart Futures:

    1. Log in to the Erie School District Student Portal.
    2.Click on the Smart Futures icon.
    3. User Name: eriesd(your lunch number)
    4. Password: Regular computer login
    Remember...you have to make sure you keep choosing you have already graduated from high school so your career and job lists generate! 

    Name: Mrs. LaFuria
    School: Woodrow Wilson Middle School
    School Phone: 874-6600
    Room #:109
    Classes: Pod 06B Social Studies
    Email: clafuria@eriesd.org
    Special Help Night: Thursday 2:45-3:20
    Wilson Yearbook Advisor
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