• You are  the apple of my eye! Welcome to Mrs. Teresa Baker's Class! You are  the apple of my eye!
    Pod 06A ELA 
    Check your email for updates from your teachers.
    E-Mail:  tbaker@eriesd.org 

    June 8-11, 2020
    This week, the official last week of school, please log on to IXL. There are many skills that you haven't mastered yet (2 or more badges). Continue to work on any 6th grade skills or challenge yourself and start working on 7th grade skills. I'm not sure how long you will be able to use IXL, so take advantage of this free learning opportunity.
    Finally, find yourself a good book to read this summer and stay healthy.
    *****Mandatory learning has started.*****
    If you have not logged onto Google Classroom, please do so. See directions on the Google Classroom tab to the left or go to your Google Invitation that was sent to your school email on April 2.
    April 14th-17th
    • Mandatory online instruciton begins next week on Monday, April 20th.  You must log on to google classroom if you haven't already.  If you see that your friends are not part of your class, please get a hold of them and help them log on. 
    • We will NOT be doing AR for the 4th quarter.  We will be reading the novel, CHOMP, together as a class.  As always, you should continue to read for pleasure. 
    •  If you have any of the packets left in your binder that I gave you and you would still like to bring up your 3rd quarter grade, you can submit your answers via email by Friday at 3:00. 
    • If you are satisfied with your 3rd quarter grade, you DO NOT have to complete the packets.  Continue to work on MASTERING the skills on IXL this week. 
    ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting April 20 we will be starting MANDATORY online instruction using Google Classroom! Please follow the email invitation that was sent to your email on Thursday 4/2 or see the Google Classroom Page for more information!

    ELA PERIOD 1 section 36                ELA PERIOD 2 section 46

    code:     txwpy2z                           code:     xfy4ynn


    ELA PERIOD 5 section 26                ELA PERIOD 6 section 16

    code:     lll5ibr                               code:     vrw5jar

    When you have time, please review the following videos to help you get started with GOOGLE CLASSROOM.



     When we begin online classes on April 20th, we will start the novel CHOMP by Carl Hiaasen.  I will provide you with a link where you can read it online for free.  If you are like me and want to have an actual book in your hand, the links below will take you to sites where you can purchase it and have it shipped to your house before we begin.
    Please email me if you purchase the book.
    **You are to respond to the Google Classroom Invitation that was sent to your email on Thursday 4/2. Follow the link that was in the email; click the + in the top right corner; join a class- be sure to use your school email NOT gmail.