• Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies/Pod A
    Mr. Craig Villa
    Wilson Middle School
    6th Grade Social Studies
    Extra help night is Thursday 2:45-3:15

     Happy Summer!!


    Here are some activities to work on this week and over summer vacation.


    Here is a history site you can check out. You can click on any subjects that interests you and learn about them. There are quizzes and games that go with some of the topics. 


    Here is the link to our Social Studies text.  There are many links on this site for you to learn more information about the topics we covered in class, or you can explore new topics that interest you.
    Copy and paste this site into a new window or highlight the link below and right click to open.
    Class materials:
    - One 3 ring binder one inch size, and binder dividers for inside the binder.
    - Pencil.
    - AR reading book at all times.

    Classroom rules:

    1. Come into class on time and prepared.
    2. If you need to get out of your seat, raise your hand and wait until I call on you.
    3. Respect the teacher(s) and the right of other students to obtain an education.
    4. You will be excused from class in emergency situations only.
    5. No chewing gum, eating, or grooming in class.
    6. Take assignments and consequences without complaint.


    Classroom behavior plan and expectations:

    • After school teacher detentions will be served after school from 2:50-3:00. Parents will receive 24 hours’ notice that will be sent home with the student.
    • The warning system in the classroom will be as followed:
      • Warning one, warning two, teacher detention, referral. At this time the student will be sent to the office.

    Class work and assignments:

    • Assignments are to be completed on time.
    • It is the responsibility of the students to see me to catch up on missed work. Student will not be permitted to make up missed work at the end of the quarter.

    Extra help:

    • Extra help night will be in my classroom until 3:15 on Thursdays. Students must make an appointment with me ahead of time.