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    New Information (4/2):

    As you know the district will begin online learning beginning April 20th. At that time all assignments and directions will be provided through Google Classroom. Students have been sent invites for their individual classes through their district email accounts (lunch number@eriesd.org). Individual codes for each of my individual classes is listed below. 

    4th period language arts: hgfeerv

    6th period Pre-Algebra I: 4qcxxgc

    Students are to accept the invitiation or enroll in the class prior to the start of online classes. Explore the features of Google classroom and send a hello message to let me know that you have gotten into the program!


    Directions for Learning Opportunties: 

    ELA (4th period): Forged by Fire documents- All assignments that are to be completed are listed in the Homework section of this page. Please complete the assignments listed between now and then end of the 3rd quarter (April 3rd). All documents were created using Microsoft Word. Answers only are required. Please send completed assignments to jrettger@eriesd.org. Students will also be able to utilize the Membean site. The link to the login site is found in the Web Resources tab of this page. This program can be used 3 times a week for 15 minutes at a time. Students will need to Calibrate their accounts by identifying words that they know and don't and the program will do the rest.  Students will receive a letter informing them of their login for this site, as well as directions for accessing their student email provided by the school district. If you would like your login information for either Membean or your email before your letter arrives at your home, or if issues arise before we are to return to school, please feel free to contact me at the email address above. Also, in Web Resources, there is a link for Audible. The books found in the link are free for the remainder of our school shutdown. Try to find a book or two that interests you while we are off. There is no harm in reading for fun while you are off.

    Math (6th period): ALEKs program- No paper assignments will be given during the online learning window. Students are to utilize the ALEKs program online. A letter has been mailed to your home with the login information to access the site. You will need to complete the Initial Knowledge Check on the site and then the site will guide you through the rest. If there any issues or questions, please feel free to contact me at the email address listed above. 

    online learning

    Contact Information:
    Phone: 874-2218
    Email: jrettger@eriesd.org