• Welcome to Ms. Levinson's Teacher Page 
    Name:   Nora E. Levinson
    School: Wilson Midddle Schoolflag man
    Schoo:   Phone: 814-874-6621 EXT. 2256
    Room:    104
    Class:    8th Grade Social Studies
    Extra Help Night: Thursday
    Hope you are all doing well.
    Your first activity will be to complete your work on the Smart Futures program. We worked on this second quarter in Ms. Rodriguez's room. (It is the new Career Cruising.)
    Log In: Erie School District Student Portal
    Click on the Smart Futures Icon
         User Name: eriesd ( lunch #)
         Password: Regular Computer Log- In
    Log In: Google Clasroom on your chromebook
    * go to https://classroom.google.com
    * In the upper right hand corner click on the circle M
    * Click on Manage Accounts
    * Click on Manage Accounts on this device
    * Click Add Account
    * Enter your district email address and your password
    * Now go back to https://classroom.google.com and select your district account to log in
    * See below for your class code which you need to join the class


       Here are your classroom codes which you will need to log into Google Classroom Social Studies. Please keep in mind that this is mandatory and not optional.
    Perion One: sjyhmgn
    Period Two: 4kbugn7
    Period Three: xviwdtg
    Period Four: ybjkh3u
    Please go to http://classroom.google.com to join. Online instruction will begin on Monday, April 20th. I will continue to update you as I gather more information.
     NOTICE: 4/6/20 - 9:45am:  Please CHECK YOUR GRADES!!!! If you currently have a failing grade....you can complete make-up work to fix the situation. This work MUST be completed in the next two weeks. To participate in this opportunity complete the IXL assignments that are posted on the Leasrning Opportunity page. Once you have completed one, send me an email....I will check to see that it has been completed with a score of at least a 66% and adjust your score accordingly. The content contained in IXL assignments are reviews of chapter six material that we have covered...for the most part. 
    UPDATE: Monday, 3/23/20: 10:50am - Students....when working on Smart Futures... the MINIMUM you need to be considered complete is at least 9 activities. If you complete these levels you will have the artifact that is required. 
    Update: Wednesday, 3/25/20: 8:00am - Students... you have the opportunity to begin IXL Social Studies today. I have included two Levels: Level I and Level II. Try them both!
    Log in by going to the IXL icon on the the Student Portal Page
    In the search bar: Type in Social Studies
    From the drop down menu choose:
    Level I: Grade 5: Set G:  #1   The American Revolution: Thirteen Colonies
    Level II: Grade 8: Set K: # 1 The American Revolution: The French and Indian War
    Update: Monday. 3/30/20: 6:30am: I have added two new IXL learning opportunities.
     Update: Tuesday, 3/31/20: 9:30a,m: Continue to take advantage of IXL learning opportunity which will enhance your knowledge and skills.
    Update: Wednesday:4/1/20: 8:30am: Two new IXL learning opportunitites have been added.
    Update: Monday: 4/6/20: 10:00am: Two new IXL Learning Opportunitites have been added.
    Update: Wednesday: 4/8/20 - Continue working on Smart Futures and Sign Up for Google Classroom! Remember....this is not optional it is a mandate from the School District. Please see Learning Opportunities page for more details.
    Update: Tuesday, 4/14/20: 9:30am -  Continue working on Smart Futures and sign up for Google Classroom.
    Update: Wednesday, 4/15/20: 7:30am - Continue woeking on Smart Futures and sign up for google classroom