• Hello,  This is Chris Manley

    My email address: cmanley@eriesd.org

    School Phone 814-874-6400          


    ***Another recent update to accessing the online learning for the students at East Middle School.  Starting on April 20th with (online instruction) the school will be utlilzing Google Classroom for the remainder of the school year in order to provide the best education possible for the students at East. Directions on how to access the website should be provided on either the Erie School District Website or East Middle School Website.  



    Parents and students, continue to stay current with the online education taking place, by visiting the Erie School District Website.  In addition your teachers are sending out posts weekly to keep the students up to date on weekly assignments, etc.  The teacher's school email address is also listed on each teachers homepage (under meet the teacher link).   As always, please stay in touch to let us know how you are doing :) 

    I strongly recommend you encourage your child to also research for additional free educational resources to enrich their learning, (till April 20th), when online instruction will begin for the students.  I;m added to the core classes that your students will be in, in order to provide additional educational help and help to provide accomodations as needed, in order to help the students succeed. 

    There are some resources listed below, in addition to the many resources available on the internet.  In addition to look at my web resources page for additional links to further enrich their learning.

    **Some of the sites recommended can be found within the following link (provided by Scholastic).  See Web Resources tab for additional links.

    In addition, there will be a separate letter being sent out by the school district, in the event your child has an upcoming IEP meeting, that currently we are unable to conduct face to face meetings.

    We hope to be back in school soon with your student.  In the meantime, stay positive and healthy!




    Chris Manley

    East Middle School

    8th Grade Special Needs Teacher