• Welcome to 6B Science! Although our units change throughout the school year, our routines stay the same, so everyone knows what to expect. A binder designated only for science materials is required to have in class every day.

    Science Frames

    The first few minutes of each class is used to get everyone on task and prepared for science. During this time, students need to write down their LEARNING TARGET and respond to questions from the daily Science Frame.  These questions link Literacy and Science and include a short science reading with a daily question.  This is also a time to get prepared to learn and is quiet time.
    The Science Frame and the Learning target are reviewed as a whole group after completion. 
    The lesson for the day is an extension of the learning target. Science Frames and Learning Target papers are also part of the students classwork grade. Students receive one point for writing the target down, and one point for responding in the "check" area each day.  They additionally earn one point for the answers on the question side of the paper.
    Science Binder
    Students are responsible for keeping their materials organized in their three ring binders. This is important so they have access to prior lessons and resource pages at any time.  This binder should contain all of the current week's materials as well. 
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