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    Name:  Kim Riley
    School:  Jefferson Elementary
    School Phone: 814 874 6650 ext 2818
    Room #:  106
    School Wide Specialist for Grades 3 - 5
    Welcome Message:  Hello and welcome!  
    The School Wide Specialist Program at Jefferson is multifaceted.  It is driven by Jefferson's School Improvement Plan. 
    Our main goals are:
       Standard-aligned curriculum and instructional pracitices will be implemented across all classroooms.
       Parental invovlement and communication with home will increase.
       Sturggling students will be identified early and suppported with appropriate interventions.
       Professional development will be provided.
       Improvement of scores on standardized test will be encouraged and students will set goals for growth.
    Please feel welcome to contact me at school at any time.
    Kim Riley