Welcome to Grades K, 1, and 2 Learning Support!  My name is Mrs. Wilwohl.  I work with  students that have Individualized Education Plans.  My goal is to help your child make progress in his/her academics and enjoy school.  
         Homework will be given on Mondays through Thursdays and occasionally on Fridays.  The homework papers will be marked with a Homework stamp or the letters HW.  Please help your child by rereading the directions and maintaining accuracy and neatness.  Students  will be given points when they return their homework, so please help them to remember.
         On Fridays, you will receive stapled papers that have been checked and/or graded.  Please  look them over so you can see the progress your child is making in school.  
         When your child is working with me or in my classroom, we will follow a point system for good learners.  Your child will use these points at the end of each week for prizes.  Points are given as an incentive for the child to follow school rules, complete work neatly with accuracy and show kindness to others.  Please encourage your child to do his/her best each day they come to school.  
         If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me.  My e-mail is mwilwohl@eriesd.org.  The school phone number is 874-6650.   

    Here is a great reading website for you to work with.