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    April 20   Good luck today!  My office hours will be 10-12 but you can always reach me by email and I will get back to you as soon as I can

    Miss you.


    April 19

    Important Information

    You will not be able to see assignments on the classwork page until April 20.  To join art, music, and gym, go to the classwork plage, click the + sign in the upper right hand corner, click join class, then put in the class code at the bottom of the page under related arts.  Please be patient this new to all of us and we will figure it out together. An easy  way to stay connected and communicate with me is to join my remind app.  I have sent invitations to all of you but if you have not joined and would like to  the link is www.remind/join/207per.   Enjoy the rest of the day and stay well.




    Google Classroom will open April 20, 2020

    Student's email address is their lunch number plus eriesd.org      Example 123456@eriesd.org

    I will assign a class code for online instruction as well as inviting students via their email

    The second grade team is working on assignments.  We will not be using video instruction as some families share a device.

    Assignments will be posted weekly, not daily

    Assignments will be posted on Monday and due on Friday by 5 pm

    Assignments will be graded complete/incomplete

    Until April 20 students should continue to do Reading and Math  

    Please consider joining REMIND if you have not done so - it's free, safe, private, and a good way to receive information and communicate with me.  As always you can email me at jmoon@eriesd.org

    As of tomorrow we are on Spring break until April 14.  Relax, enjoy, and stay well