Adapted Class Schedule During School Closure:



     9am Get ready for the day and make sure you eat breakfast!

    9:30am - 10:30am It’s best to start your day off with some EXERCISE! You could simply walk up and down the stairs; do some push-ups or jumping jacks; jog in place; ride your bike; play tag with your family… get creative. Even if it’s not fast paced, just get moving and get your brain ready for the day!

    10:30am - 10:45am *go wash your hands for 30 seconds* SNACK BREAK! *(wash your hands again, if you used them for eating!)

    10:45am - 11:15am READ! Find a comfy place and simply read a book of your choice. (Amplify or Follett Library are great resources if you need a book)

    11:15am - 12:00pm Go ahead and do some ART or MUSIC (or both)! Create illustrations to go along with what you read today; draw/color; paint; practice an instrument; try to create your own song or dance.

    12pm - 1pm *go wash your hands for 30 seconds* LUNCH TIME! Take a break and enjoy some food – you need to reenergize your brain and body. When you finish, make sure you clean up well (wipe those germs away) and wash your hands again, if you used them for eating!

    1pm - 1:30pm Now that your brain has been refueled, let’s take some time to work on MATH. Think about the different topics yoou’ve already learned in school – practice, practice, practice! (Xtra Math or IReady are great resources)

    1:30pm - 2pm READ! This time, read books/articles about the different units you’ve learned in SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE.

    2pm - 2:30pm Do your CHORES and/or HELP around the house!

    2:30pm - 3pm *go wash your hands for 30 seconds* Get out some paper and WRITE! You could create a story; write out the directions on how to play your favorite game; create a list of the different items in your house; journal; write your teacher a letter about your day… anything! K Use good details/words and great handwriting!

    3pm - 5:30pm FREE TIME! Play outside if you can; eat a little snack or take a short nap, if you need it.

    5:30pm - 6pm *go wash your hands for 30 seconds*  QUIET TIME! Read or study math facts quietly.

    6pm - 7pm *go wash your hands for 30 seconds* DINNER! When you finish, make sure you clean up well (wipe those germs away) and wash your hands again, if you used them for eating! 7pm - 9pm PLAY TIME! Enjoy hanging out with your family; play a game; watch TV; get ready for bed! 

    Before 10pm *WASH UP + wash your hands for 30 seconds* Time to SLEEP. Goodnight! 


    *Please see web resource page for all learning based activites suggested.


    TIPS and Tricks while having your child at home during RED Phase:
    1. Keep your child’s morning routine the same. Have them get up and get ready just like they would a normal day for school. Make sure they have breakfast. This will help them get ready for the day and not feel like it’s a weekend or school vacation. It will also save your sanity for when we do go back to school.
    2. Start the Day with an independent activity while you get yourself ready for the day. 
    3. Make sure the Kids Get Snack.  A morning/afternoon snack helps kids stay emotionally happy, teaches them to recognize their bodies needs, and helps them focus on tasks.
    4. If you can get your kids outside. With social distancing and closures of activities getting the kids outside will help them to get their energy out. This will help your kids emotionally and physically.
    5. Give your kids a ½ hour to an 1 hour for lunch. Erie's City School district is still making lunches available for families so make sure to check in at McKinley.
    6. Allow some time for your kids to socialize with other friends. You can do this while still implementing social distancing by allowing them to Face Time, Video Chat, Alexa, Call, Text Friends, Email, Write Letters, Etc. Socialization, Connection and Relationships are necessary and important for humans and we need to encourage this during a time where we may not have as much contact with one another.
    7. Allow some time during the day for your kids to enjoy and experience Art and Music. This can be anything from coloring, using art resources online, painting, listening to music, playing with instruments, etc. These activities don’t necessarily need to be structured just available for your kids to explore.
    8. School Learning - Please continue ro access daily assignments and web resources daily.
    9. Encourage time for your kids to independently read at home. Take this time to read with them, check in on things you need to do yourself, clean the house, relax, call relatives, etc. You’re important too. While the public library is closed you can still access ebooks. Audibe is also offering free books read aloud.  The Erie School district also has may books available on Follett Library (which can be found on the student link of the district we page.)
    10. Allow for your child to have a Choice Time. This is where they can choose to work on whatever they want based on learning. They could use online resources available, work on projects, dramatic play (littles), STEM/Sensory based activities( Legos, playdough, popsicle sticks, etc.)
    11. Using encouraging language and growth mindset based thinking helps our kids learn that all we can do is do our best. It also helps with children who have special learning techniques their teachers may be implementing at school. This could be behavior charts, classroom management styles, etc. Remind yourself to use language like “I can see you are trying so hard and maybe we can take a 5 minute break before trying again” instead of things like “You aren’t doing that correctly why don’t you try focusing more”. Our kids rely on their teachers to be that constant encouragement and positive reinforcement in their learning. While at home remind yourself that they are trying their best.
    12. While at home with your kids connect with them. This is a rare opportunity for us as parents and caregivers to see what our kids are like on a daily basis while at school. See what our teachers see and watch them light up as they learn.
    13. Choose a space in your home for your child to set up their activities and learning for the day. Have them create their own name tag, put their pencil boxes there and school supplies. This will help them understand that when we are in this space in the house it’s time to learn, when we are in other spaces we can relax and are done with ”class time” for the day.