Hello! My name is Mrs. Rozenek and I am going to be your 5th grade teacher. This will be my 15th year being a teacher and my first teaching at 5th grade Harding Elementary! I love teaching and I am so excited to meet you. In the past I have taught 4th grade for three years at Mckinley, 6th grade for 10 years at Wayne, 6th grade 1 year at Perry, and 7th grade Math At Grover Cleveland.


    My favorite subject to teach is Writing. I think it is so exciting to watch my students become better writers. We will have lots of opportunities to write this year.

    I enjoy spending time with my family, I have two kids, my husband, two cats, and a dog. My Students always ask me about my favorites, so here goes.....



    Food: Nachos

    Season: Fall

    Movie: Honey I Shrunk the Kids

    Sports Team: Harborcreek Huskies

    Book: Witches

    Restaurant: Red Lobster

    Colors: Pink & Green

    Animal: Cat

    Drink: Coffee

    Hobbies: Reading & Crafting

    Game: Connect 4

    Song: Can’t Stop the Feeling


    My hope for this school year is that I can encourage my students to feel comfortable to take risks and take the challanges as they learn and grow. 

    My dream is that I will be able to give you some of the skills to help you reach yours.