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     Mrs. Katie Dombkowski   
     Perry Elementary
    Room # 114
     Grade One
          Welcome to First Grade Room 114.    We are focusing on Perry Elementary's three expectations of being Respectful, Responsible and Safe in all we do!
    In Math we will be working on addition, subtraction, solving word problems, numbers, place value and more.
    In Language Arts we are really focusing on our phonics, beginning and ending sounds and all vowel sounds short and long. We are reading text and focusing on comprehension and story elements.
     In Science we have 3 themes...weather, balance and motion and organisms.
    During the Summer-Have your children access the following websites for their reading (Amplify) and Math (I-READY) practice lessons.  Everyone should have their User names and Passwords!! Here are some websites to get you through the summer. 
    step 2- Select: Student Log In button
    step 3- enter the child's username and password. 
             I-Ready- Math
    Step  2-  Select Student Log in button
    Step 3- enter chold's user name and password 

    Storyline Online
    Click on link
    scroll through tofind a story to follow along and read to
    Grab a piece of paper-Write a few sentences about the story- Try to recall  the characters, Setting and Plot  or what the story was about.
    Don't  forgett you favorite  part and a picture! Have Fun!
     Click on the link
    Clickon the grade level
    Click and Explore (Break the Bnk is a good one)
    Scrolldown for Lots of things to do- play some games,  listen to stories and do the activites.
    Click on the link- Scroll to some stories and activities

    Mrs. Dombkowski’s Daily Schedule


    8:00-8:45- Related Arts

    8:45-9:00- Log on/ Attendance

    9:00-9:45- CKLA Knowledge   (Zoom)

    9:45-10:05- Brain Break with Timer

    10:05-11:05- CKLA Skills (Zoom)

    11:05-11:40- Amplify Reading   (online)

    11:50-12:30- Lunch

    12:30-1:00- iReady Math  (online)

    1:00-1:30- iReady Math   (Zoom)

    1:30-2:00- Skills Boost

    2:00-2:15- End of day questions/Cheer

    2:15-2:30- Office Hours

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