Only 4 weeks until the end of 2nd quarter!
    Please make sure that your child is completing and submitting their assignments.  Many students are receiving zeros for incomplete work.  Be sure to ask your child about their day and schoolwork just like any other school year.  It is important to keep things consistent.
      Please remember to check your email daily to be prepared for our Zoom meetings and reply so I know you got my message.  I only have 2 parents not signed up for Remind, if we can get 100% the class will receive a special prize!  I send messages daily and it makes it very easy for us to communicate about your child. 
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      Amplify Shoutouts: A'Donis*
    I-Ready Shoutouts:  Ja'Mia**,A'Donis*,Kadiat*,Hope
    Epic! Shoutouts: Kadiat, Ja'Mia
    Blooket Shoutouts: Hope,Zariyah,Addison
    Dreamscapes Shoutouts:  none
    Virtual GRC hits 200 | Recruiter Winner for the Week of Jan.4th:
    If you ever have any questions or concerns please contact me at mbrown@eriesd.org or through Remind.  
    Epic! Master Teacher  
    1/16/2021  7:24 PM