• Room 14B

    We are beginning the final stretch. Quarter 4 begins soon! In Language Arts, we are finishing up The American Revolution.  In Math, we are beginning our biggest unit in 4th grade, Fractions.  Students still need to practice their multiplication facts EVERY NIGHT.  We will begin studying electric circuits in Science. Your child will need a FULLY CHARGED Chromebook EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Homework changes from night to night, but always includes 20 minutes of reading.






    Jayden 1h18m,Arianna 1h14m,Renley 1h13m,Baylee 1h13m,Emily 1h8m,Jeremy 1h7m,Nyshunti 1h


    Jayden 1h29m,Emily 1h

    Prefixes im- & in-

    1st Ena, 2nd Anna, 3rd Jayden, 4th Renley, 5th Baylee



    1st Ena, 2nd Nyshunti, 3rd Jason, 4th Jayden, 5th Anna


    Equivalent Fractions

    1st Ena, 2nd Jayden, 3rd Arianna, 4th Anna, 5th Nyshunti




    Fractions on a Number Line





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