• Room 14B

    As we begin Quarter 2, in Language Arts, we will be wrapping up our study of Empires in the Middle Ages and moving into Poetry.  Math has us continuing to work on multiplication and division.  Please have your child practice their facts EVERY NIGHT.  Your child will need a FULLY CHARGED Chromebook EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Homework changes from night to night, but always includes 20 minutes of reading.




    Emily, Anna, Jason, Jayden, Angelo, Quintin ,Ena, Arianna


    Emily 1h58m,Ena 1h45m,Angelo 1h19m,S,nauri 1h18m,Renley 1h14m,Qae’Shawn 1h11m,Jason 1h9m,Quintin 1h2m


    Arianna 1h29m,Nyshunti 1h8m,Jayden 1h6m,Quintin 1h4m,Emily 1h2m

    Nouns & Adjectives

    1st Renley,2nd Anna, 3rd Jayden, 4th Ena,5th Amaria


    Prime Numbers & Factors

    1st Ena,2nd Anna,3rd Quintin,4th Qae’Shawn,5th Jayceon

    Division Teams

    Swifty Swipers Won! S’nauri,Ena,Amaria,Arianna



    1st Ena,2nd Quintin,3rd Jayden,4th Renley,5th Jayceon

    MIP Emily & Angelo

    77% Accuracy as a Class


    Multiplication 6s &7s

    1st Ena,2nd Quintin,3rd Renley,4th Anna,5th Janarah

    MIP Anna & Jayceon

    69% Accuracy as a Class


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