• Welcome to Fourth Grade!!
    Room 99 Mr. Gordon 
    Mr. Tim Gordon  
    Grover Cleveland School
    (814) 877-6670
    The Log in code for my science class on Google Classroom, will be lvcjni the students will need to access Google classroom first
    then they can enter a class, where they would need the code. All of their teachers have already sent out invitations or will be sending them out over then next few days, please try to have your child log in and move around. We do understand it is new for everyone, please understand it is new for us as well!! Just like everything else going on,it is all new to us and we will get through it! Thanks for all of your understanding and help during these times. 
         **We also have an account to learning farm for all students now, students can go and log in username/passwords first name, first name1. I was just able to get subscriptions fro students in rooms 113/114. This site has practice in Reading/Writing/Math/Science that they can access from home as practice. Another site I use is Storyline Online, and GoNoodle which are both free sites that you may access with your children. Please email us with any questions or concerns and please keep you and your family safe in these difficult times. I can't wait to see all of your smiling faces again soon!!