• Welcome to Fourth Grade!!
    Room 99 Mr. Gordon 
    Mr. Tim Gordon  
    Grover Cleveland School
    (814) 877-6670
    Room # 99
         Welcome to our fourth grade team!! I want to introduce to you our team, in room 114 is Mrs. Graziano she will be teaching the group ELA, in room 113 is Mrs. Slater and she will be teaching the group Math, down in the Man Cave we  have in room 98 Mr. Madura, he will be teaching Social Studies and TDA/text dependent analysis questions and myself in room 99 teaching Science and Writing! This will be a big change from previous years and we have high expectations for your children during the upcoming year.
        We also use "Fourth Grade Bucks" program in our rooms, it is an incentive program to reward students for doing what fourth grade students should be doing, while also teaching some skills with counting, exchanging and "SPENDING" money(of course it is just fake money!) During each month we will hold auctions where students can buy things with the money that they have earned throughout the month, they also can loose money if they do not do things that are expected of fourth grade students. We also welcome any donations to use for these auctions or some rooms may use a store mode.
        We are very excited for the school year and hope that you and your child are as well, I can be reach at the number above, email me, or send a note in your childs planner I check them each day. Mrs. Slater will be working with you and the team to create a remind APP that will help us communicate and remind you of upcoming events, more information to follow!
                                                                                                                 Thanks for sharing your child with us!
                                                                                                                 Mr. Gordon, Mrs Graziano, Mrs. Slater & Mr. Madura  
    * Please check out the calendar for or weekly specials and other weekly activities.
                                      DAILY SCHEDULE ROOM 99
                                     8:00-8:20 Homeroom
                                     8:20-9:20 Writing/Science (Mr. Gordon)
                                     9:20-10:20 Social Studies(Mr. Madura)
                                     10:20-11:20 Math(Mrs. Slater)
                                     11:25-11:55 Lunch
                                     11:55-12:20 Homeroom/Recess
                                     12:20-1:20 ELA (Mrs. Graziano)
                                     1:20-2:15 Specials Monday: Music Tuesday: Library Wednesday: Gym Thursday: Art Friday: Computer
                                     2:15-2:30 Prepare and Dismissal