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    Hello Perry Kids and familites!
    As we emark to online instruction, here are a few things to note.
    Your child's email is his/her lunch number with the eriesd.org
    EX.     123456@eriesd.org
    My Google Classroom will not be open until April 20th.
    They can use their email to email me at etojaga@eriesd.org
    I am working on the Google classroom with the other second grade teachers as far as content and assignments.  I am not going to use video instruction as some families have to share a device. I will also be assigning a class code for online instruction as well as inviting students via their school email.These assignments will be posted weekly, not daily.
    The assignments will be posted by Monday am. each week and will be due the Friday of each week by 5 pm.
    These assignments are graded as complete/incomplete and will not be graded with points/percentages and letter grades.
    Please have your child work on his/her packet, read stories and use his iReady and Amplify online until April 20th.
    They should continue to use these resources until we resume school at Perry.
    Mrs. Tojaga

    To better communicate with parents during this time,

    (Most of you already are signed up but for those that are not)...I have set up an app for parent/teacher communication.

    Please follow the link or instructions on sheet below to sign up for the Remind App.




    My family  and I are spending some quality time together, watching movies, playing games, cooking dinners, and going for runs and walks!
    Don't forget to wash your hands, your bookbags and help clean at your house.  Also get outside and get some fresh air!
    This is a really strange thing we are all going through, but staying smart and healthy is the best thing we can do!
    Here is my email if you need anything or the kids just want to say HELLO etojaga@eriesd.org 
    Mrs. Tojaga  


    Name:Mrs. Emily Tojaga
    School: Perry Elementary
    School Phone: 874-6485
    Room #: 214
    Classes: Second Grade