• Welcome to my page!
    Name: Allyson Bujalski
    School:  Pfeiffer Burleigh
    School Phone:  814-874-6750 ext. 1420
    Room #:  104
    Classes:  Math and Science
    Welcome Message:
     i-Ready  -- Student login AND password is their lunch number
    Amplify -- Students may not remember their login.  Call the office in the event they cannot sign on.  814-874-6750.  Password is first name.
    Smart futures -- Login in eriesd_________ (fill in space with lunch number.  Password is what they use to get onto school computers.
     ELA and Math Packets  -- Here is a link to the district site.  There have been ELA and math packets made for every grade level.  If you can't print them out, THAT'S FINE.  Complete the work on a seperate piece of paper and keep in a folder so that you can bring it in when we return to school.
    Here are some free websites for Science and Math Activities and Lessons!
    TIME MAGAZINE  -- great reads for students to read on their grade levels.  Latest issues give students great information on current events!
    IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT ABUJALSKI@ERIESD.ORG   ---   I am checking my email often so I will get back to you within the day.  
    Stay healthy, everyone!  This is a diffiicult time for everyone, but we will all get through this!