Room #: 14BUNDER THE SEA
     Welcome to 2020, as we continue our voyage under the sea!
    Our new English Language Arts curriculum is going well.  We are leaving the Empires in the Middle Ages to begin our study on poetry.  Please continue to have them read every night for at least 15 minutes.  They will write this in their planner each night.
    Percentages about reading 15 minutes
    Our new Math curriculum is also going well.  We will be starting Unit 3 working on larger multiplication and division problems.  Please do not panic when you see the way your children are learning how to complete these problems.  I know they are different than how you learned, but we will be working on a few different ways to complete these problems. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about it.  Remember that at the beginning of every lesson your son/daughter will bring home a letter explaining what we will be working on for that week which includes examples of how to complete these problems.  Please be sure to read it.  They need practice their multiplication and division facts through flashcards, different apps, and websites I will share under web resources.
    In Science, we will be beginning our study of electricity.  The students enjoy this unit and being able to experiment with electric circuits. 
    Please be sure to check my website often as I update the homework weekly and post other important reminders and notices about things happening in Room 14B. 
    I will also post different activities and accomplishments that we achieve.
    If you ever have any questions or concerns please contact me at mbrown@eriesd.org.  
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    2/28/2020  7:52 AM