• My Name is Don Niles.  I have a lovely wife from Newfoundland, Canada and two fine children.   I have been with the Erie School District for five years.  I have degrees in Floriculture and creative writing and I love writing and reading poetry..
    I have been the librarian at Wayne school for the past two years.  I am a U.S Navy veteran and worked as a quality management auditor at Plastek for 18 years.  I was also one of the original gorilla gram gorillas in Erie.
    My three favorite things to do are; reading classic folktales to anyone who will listen, puttering in my flower and vegetable gardens and sitting on my sunny porch, reading a William Faulkner novel while listening to a Cleveland Indians doubleheader on the radio.
    One of my favorite poems:
    Love is like a pineapple
    Sweet and undefinable.