• Hi, my name is Tim Watson and I am the Horticulture/Landscaping Instructor at Erie High School. I will be working with your child over the course of the next year. I have been at Erie High School/Central Career and Tech School for 11 years.

    I have had the privilege of teaching great students. Throughout the years, I have watched them go from freshman and afraid of everything to fine students capable of working independently in the Horticulture field.

    Like your child, I began working in the Horticulture field while I was in high school at East High School. After graduation, I started working for the city of Erie. I advanced to the City Arborist and worked there for 31 years. In that time, I received industry certifications from Penn State Behrend. Your child will have the opportunity to earn industry certifications as well, such as OSHA and Pesticide certifications.  I have worked with many organizations, colleges, and high schools in the area.

    I want the students in my program to understand all facets of the Horticulture field as well as Landscaping, Hardscaping, which is decking, walkways, fire features, Landscape related equipment, etc. I want them to learn about safety procedures, OSHA standards, and Floriculture (which is the greenhouse work).

    I want their experience to be positive in this program. I will always be open to your calls or emails with questions and concerns regarding the program or your child.




    Tim Watson

    Erie High School Horticulture/Landscape Instructor