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    Dear Parents,


    Our students have had a wonderful beginning to a fun year of learning!  They have made new friends and have begun new educational experiences.


    Letters this month are Mm, Ff, Bb, Ss.  Our students have been practicing in their early reading books as well...please help them find a "safe" place at home to keep them and re-visit to build upon their reading skills.


    Math activities have been identifying and extending patterns, counting on and counting back, sorting objects, and identifying numbers 0-12, and counting objects and matching the number.


    Please continue to look through your child's folder each day: there are important papers and your child always loves to show off their work.  You will also receive our weekly newsletter "Inside The Classroom".  This will give you more specific information for our lessons and activities each week.


    This month we will spend a week on an apple theme.  Discussions on growing apples, graphing apples and eating apples..YUMMY!!


    We greatly appreciate your snack donations.  This allows your child to be the snack leader and to also be in charge of important jobs of the day.  Continue to watch for our monthly snack calendars.


    We wish you a happy fall and a super beginning to our partnership in your child's kindergarten year of learning.


    The Kindergarten Team