• Dear Highmark Caring Place Community Partner:


    We know that our world looks very different these days. The COVID-19 pandemic has left us feeling anxious, scared and isolated. At the Highmark Caring Place, we believe that even in the darkest times, finding HOPE is always possible.


    Across the world, the butterfly is recognized as a symbol of transformation, endurance and HOPE. Using the butterfly as our basis, we have created a social media campaign called Holding On To HOPE. This is an opportunity for all of us to come together and Hold On To HOPE for everyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


    We NEED YOU, and anyone you know who is willing to participate, to help us SPREAD HOPE in one or more of these ways:


    s  Print one of our full color Holding On To HOPE signs or the Holding On To HOPE coloring sheet. Then take a picture or video with one of the signs and SHARE it on your social media using the hashtag - #hope4COVID19. In your message, let us know who you are Holding On To HOPE for (ex: the doctors, the nurses, my family). Don’t have a printer? No problem! Any butterfly will do. Get creative, draw your own butterfly and be sure to use the hashtag #hope4COVID19.


    s  Place a Holding On To HOPE sign or butterfly in your home's windows to bring HOPE to your neighborhood.


    s  If you are on Facebook, you can change your Facebook Profile Picture Frame to the Holding On To HOPE Facebook Profile Picture Frame.


    s  If you use Facebook Stories, please make a story using the Holding On To HOPE Facebook Stories Picture Frame.


    s  If your message is for a healthcare professional and you don’t know a particular person or place to send it to, you can email a copy to AutumnMoss.Corcoran@ahn.org and she will distribute it to hospital staff at AHN hospitals to show them your appreciation.


    We GREATLY appreciate all of your help in spreading HOPE! It is our hope for you that you are staying safe and healthy during this time. Although we physically can’t be together at this time, please know that we continue to be here to support you and are available by phone and email. Also, we are continually updating our resources on our website and all of our social media.


    And remember, "I am here for you. You are here for me. We are here for each other.”


    Take good care,


    Conor Dawley, LPC, CT

    Outreach and Education Coordinator - Child Grief Specialist

    Mystery Doug Livestream
    Tuesday, April 7, 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern


    Perry Elementary: www.galepages.com/pl1346 





    Pennsylvania Educators:


    As your local Scholastic Account Executive, I am sharing with you links to free access for four of our online resources below.  Teachers and students can access these from any remote device.  Please do not hesitate to share as these resources are free to all.    


    User Name: Learning20

    Password: Clifford


    BookFlix (PreK-3)



    TrueFlix (Grades 3+)      



    ScienceFlix (Grades 5+) 



    Watch & Learn Library (Pre-K – 3)           



    The website below provides all students with 20 days’ worth of learning journeys that span the content areas so you can keep your students actively engaged in learning while schools are closed. The Scholastic Learn At Home website does not require a username or password. The learning journeys are also accessible on any device.


    Click on this link:  www.scholastic.com/learnathome


    Below is a link with access to Teaching Our World: The Coronavirus.




    On behalf of Scholastic, please know that I am here to assist you in any way possible during these difficult times.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Above all else, stay safe!



    Dear Pennsylvania Educators,


    I can only imagine how challenging the past week has been for you, your teachers, families, and students. I do not want to take up too much of your time, but wanted to send you a quick note letting you know that our Scholastic Learn at Home site has been updated with the next five days of thrilling learning journeys, as well as links to even more reading and video for your students in grades 3+ through our TrueFlix and ScienceFlix programs. Links to these additional programs can be found by students in their new daily reading quests.


    As you continue to support your students through your remote learning plans, please know that you are welcome write www.scholastic.com/learnathome into your communication. Please note, Scholastic Learn at Home gives your students access to approximately 2-3 hours of high-quality, enjoyable learning journeys that are designed to be accessed down to the phone level.


    We at Scholastic appreciate being your partner, especially during this difficult situation. If there is anything more I can do to support you, please do not hesitate to let me know.


    Thank you for all you are doing.


    Your Partner in Learning.





    During this time of extended school closures, we wanted to share with you some free educational resources.  These book trailers can help educators and parents to provide read-alouds that students will find entertaining and educational.  Enjoy and share these book trailers with your colleagues and families within your school district.  

    THE ORANGE HORSE Written and Illustrated by Hsu-Kung Liu


    Book Desription: An orange horse is desperate to find his long-lost brother, but the only clue he has is one half of an old photo. The horse decides to advertise, but the answers he gets leave him feeling hopeless. Then, one day, the orange horse meets a brown horse and they immediately become good friends. Coincidentally, the brown horse also has one half of an old photo. Could he be the long-lost brother the orange horse has been searching for?  Click here to view the book trailer on YouTube or simply click on the graphic above.

    MY BIG FAMILY Written by Yanitzia Canetti, Illustrated by Micha Archer


    Book Description: Alex is excited his family is coming to visit.  First grandma arrives and Alex rearranges his room so she can fit. Then Aunt Celia arrives, and the cousins start to pile in. Yummy Cuban food smells up the house and everyone is happy—except Alex. He can’t even find space to sit down and papa believes more can always fit. When mama announces Cousin Beto is arriving too, Alex has had it! “No one else can fit in this house!” What can Alex do?  Click here to view the book trailer on YouTube or simply click on the graphic above.

    Reycraft Books is the new trade book publishing company from Benchmark Education.  Benchmark Education has been providing educators with innovative curriculum solutions for over 20 years.  As your source for independent curriculum solutions, we want to thank you for supporting us over the years.  We hope you enjoy the book trailers!

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