• 6th Grade Art: Introduction to 2-Dimensional Mediums

    Students will explore the Elements and Principles of Design while being exposed to a variety of 2-dimensional mediums, colored pencil, oil pastel, and watercolor. Students will learn techniques then apply them while creating a piece of artwork. In addition, students will also learn art vocabulary, art history, art appreciation, measure accurately using a ruler, and geometric constructions.


    Students are scheduled to be in art class for a quarter on an A/B block schedule.  This means the students will have art class every other day and 80 minutes each class.  Students will have art class about 22 times.  



    Portfolio: Students will create a portfolio to store their work.  This will require students to demonstrate measuring skills, creativity, and the ability to follow directions

    Blended Leaves: Students will learn to blend Oil Pastels and apply it to a piece of art.  

    Illusion of Depth: Students will apply Geometric constructions to give the illusion of a warped three dimensional space.

    Watercolor Composition:  Students will learn watercolor techniques and apply them to a composition of shapes.

    Crinkle Paper: Students will learn to read and follow directions to create an abstract shattered glass image.


    ** Please check back, examples coming soon **