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    Grade 4 
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    Welcome to 4th Grade!  It is going to be an amazing year to be a 4th grader at Jefferson! I'm so looking forward to working with all of the students and their families this school year! 

    4th grade
    Throughout the school year, if you ever have questions, please don't hesitate to send an email or call me and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Emailing is definitely the easiest way to communicate.
                                      814-874-6650 ext 2819
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    Homework ~ You should expect that your child will have homework every Monday thru Thursday evening.  I will be alternating weekly between a spelling list with 20 words and a vocabulary unit with 12 new words.  Those tests will be on Fridays unless otherwise noted.
    Your child should be writing their homework down every day (they do have time in class) on their homework sheet and that MUST be signed by an adult in the home. When the homework is completed, it should be placed in their orange folder and right into their bookbag.  I allow the students to bring the reading text book home to practice stories as needed.  
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    Even though I am not teaching math this year to your child, once they are in 4th grade, basic addition and subtraction facts should be automatic.  If your child is not fluent with adding/subtracting (meaning they can look at the problem and instantly tell you the answer...they don't have to "figure it out"), then please do them a huge favor and give them your time every day to practice.  Fourth grade is when your child will be mastering multiplication/division facts as well.  The only way your child will learn these facts is with follow up practice at home to reinforce all the work we are doing with them in school.
    Reading ~ Reading ~ Reading ~ Reading 
     Parents, please - please - please  make sure that you are encouraging your child to read every single day.  You can't improve in an area if you don't practice that skill often.  Reading doesn't have to be with just a book....they can read the newspaper, magazines, recipes, menus, board game directions, ingredients, newsletters and info that comes home regularly from the school, etc. Once your child has read have them tell you about it so you can monitor that they are understanding what they are reading. 
    Many families still have bedtime read aloud time.  Reading chapter books that are at a higher reading level than your child's oral reading level is a great idea since their listening/comprehension level is higher.  Plus, this is such an awesome bonding time with your family!
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    Congratulations to these students for achieving first honors (All A's) for the this quarter of the school year!!!
    These students did a fabulous job and achieved second honors (All A's and B's) for this quarter of the school year!!!
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    These students had perfect attendance for this quarter of the school year!  That is a very impressive accomplishment and should be praised!  Amazing job boys and girls!!!!!
    Thank you for all that you do every day as parents and family members to make Jefferson Elementary School a successful place for your child!
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