Welcome 3rd Grade!!

  • "Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise."

                               - Kobe Bryant 

    As you all know, we will be continuing our education online for the time being during this hard and unfortunate time. This is an opportuntity for all of us to rise to the challenge and get through this TOGETHER!! With that being said, this webpage will be our main source of directed instruction. All the information needed will be included on the tabs below. 

    Class Resources will include:

    -Grade 3 Worksheets 

    -Spelling Words

    -Sight Words 

    Homework will include:

    -Iready 30-45 mins. 

    -Amplify 30-45 mins.

    Web Resources will include:

    - Iready Link

    - Amplify Link

    - Other Beneficial Links


    Please email me as soon as you see this! I would like to be in contact with each student during this time for any questions or concerns! Thanks.  Email: jponsoll@eriesd.org