Welcome to PreK in Room 2!
    Please click on the "Class Resources" tab to access free online activities that are listed below.
    **Week of April 6th to April 10th**
    -Check out the free Pre-K website: ABCya in the "Class Resources" tab. There are activities for ABC's, numbers, holidays, and many other Pre-K skills. 
    -There is an April physical fitness and healthy calendar filled with daily activities for you and your child to complete together. Click on "Classroom Resources"
    -Walk around your house and count how many windows and doors you have.
    -Draw a parts of a flower. Have a family member help you label and name the roots, stem, leaves, and petals. 
    -40 fine motor activities to do with objects at home. Click on "Classroom Resources"
    -Sort crayons or markers by color, sort blocks or legos by size, and sort toys by type (dolls, puzzles, action heroes, etc.)
    -Letter B and Y scavenger hunt around the house. Search for objects around your house that begin with the letter B or Y. Draw a picture of the objects that you found or make a list of more B and Y objects not in your house. Practice writing Bb and Yy on paper with crayons, using playdough, or shaving cream. 
    **Week of March 30th to April 3rd** 
    -Check out the free online math/alphabet games
    -View Jack Hartmann videos on Youtube
    -Walk around your house.....find different objects that are in the shape of a circle, square, rectangle, and oval.
    -While the weather is sunny, but cool, bundle up and go on a nature walk.....look for and talk about new plants/flowers growing, trees budding, grass growing.
    -Letter A and S Scavenger hunt. Search for objects in your house that begin with the letter A or S. Draw a picture of each object you found or write a list of more A or S objects not in your house.
    Weekly activities to do with a family member:
    *writing their name
    *recognizing letters A to Z, numbers 1 to 10 or 1 to 20, shapes around the house, and colors
    *read a book and ask them where the front and back cover are, point to a picture, point to a word. Ask what the author does and what the illustrator does.
    *allow time for reading books together, crafts/art time, and pretend play 
    *if you have scissors, practice cutting skills. You can have your child cut out coupons from grocery store ads. 
    *physical exercise: go to YouTube and type in gonoodle. There are a bunch of free dances and exercises on this website. www.gonoodle.com is a free website if you would like to sign up. We use it daily in our classroom.
    Please contact Mrs. Marks or Mr. Ross at our email address if you have questions or concerns! Mr. Ross and I look forward to seeing you and your child soon!
    Take care and stay safe! 😀
    Name: Mrs.  Marks and Mr. Ross
    School: McKinley Elementary
    Email: jmarks@eriesd.org and bross@eriesd.org
    School Phone: 1-814-874-6870 ext. 1140
    Room #: 2
    Classes: PreK 
    Welcome Message:  Welcome to PreK! We are very excited about our school year. Mr. Ross will be teaching and working in our classroom as well. We will learn how to recognize our name, alphabet letters, numbers, shapes, and so much more. We hope to make your child’s PreK learning experience educational, hands on, and exciting. Every Tuesday we will send home our Tuesday Take Home blue folders.  Your child will have important papers in the folder for the week, permission slips for fieldtrips, or any other important handouts. Thank you and if have any questions feel free to call or email us (listed above).