Ms. Fogle, Special Education Teaher

    Ms. Sharon Fogle

    Special Education Teacher

    Learning Support: Grade 3




    November 21, 2023

    Parent-Teacher Conference Zoom link

    Please click on the link on the left side of the page at your scheduled time.

    You might be placed in a waiting room until I start our meeting.

    I look forward to talking to you!

    If you are having trouble, click on the link below or

    copy and paste the address into your address bar.



    Please check our district homepage often for updates and important information. 

    I check my email often; please email me with any questions or concerns. I will respond ASAP.




    Students use the apps below daily in the classroom; they can be used at home for additional practice. 

    • As part of our reading curriculum, students complete 15 to 20 minutes of Amplify each weekday. I monitor their progress online to be sure that they are strengthening skills.

              Amplify Click Amplify

    • As a part of our math curriculum, students complete at least 15-20 minutes of i-Ready lessons each weekday. If they are working from home, it would be helpful to have a paper and pencil to work out the problems before typing in their answer. This app also has i-Ready games that student's can play for fun. I monitor their progress online to be sure that they are strengthening their math skills.

               i-Ready Click i-Ready



    • You can go to Scholastic Learn at Home for fun articles, games, and videos on lots of topics! New activities will be posted every Monday! These are NOT assignments, but are a fun way to learn about lots of different topics.

     I'm just a text, phone call, message, or email away. Reach out if you need help or just want to say hello. 




    Miss You