• Welcome to my page!
    Name: Mary Chase
    School: McKinley Elementary
    School Phone: 814-874-6870
    Room #: 23
    Classes: Grade 3
    Welcome Message:
     Hi!  Welcome Room 23 to our online learning page.  If you have any questions or are having trouble logging in please email me. 
    Week of March 23rd:
    Hi Room 23! I will be posting assignments for you so please check back often to see what is new.  Parents and Guardians please email me your email address as soon as you can.  The school will be using them to keep in contact with you while we are teaching online. 
    Each week please have your children complete:
    • 30 minutes a day of i-ready math 
    • 30 minutes a day of Amplify reading


    I will be assigning math lessons on i-ready starting on March 23rd.

    Other things you can have your children work on that will keep them learning would be:

    • They can read a story with a parent or to a sibling.
    • They can work on math flashcards.
    • They can also listen to a story at storyline.com. (the link is under web resources)
    • They can listen to or read a book on the Unite for Literacy web site. ( the link in in web resouces)


    I miss everyone and I can not wait to see everyone once we are back in school!  Until then please take care and stay safe!  Please email me if you have any questions or need help with anything. 

    Mrs. Chase