• 8th Grade Art: Visual Multimedia

    Students will explore the Elements and Principals of Design through different forms of media including but not limited to, wire sculpture, linoleum tile printing, painting, drawing, etc. The focus of the course will be planning a piece of artwork based on a principal of design and the technical processes of the medium being used. Art history, art appreciation, art criticism, problem solving, and critical thinking are integrated into lessons.


    Students are scheduled to be in art class for a quarter on an A/B block schedule.  This means the students will have art class every other day and 80 minutes each class.  Students will have art class about 22 times.  



    Portfolio: Students will create a portfolio to store their work.  This will require students to demonstrate measuring skills, creativity, and the ability to follow directions

    Linoleum Block Printing: Students will learn the basics of linoleum block printing to create an image to make multiple prints.  Students will then choose the three best images to mount as a triad.

    Wire Sculpture:  Students will learn the properties of aluminum wire as they create a human in motion out of aluminum wire.

    Abstract Wire Face:  Students will create a blind contour drawing to life by recreating it with wire.  Students will problem solve situations to keep the wire in place as gravity is not their friend.

    Tessellations:  A study of M.C. Escher, students will use geometric constructions to create a puzzle piece that will be the pattern for the image.  Students will need to dig deep into their creative side to turn their pattern piece into a recognizable image.

    Replica:  Students will research a famous piece of artwork to recreate.  Students will create the image on canvas while using acrylic paint.  If a student chooses to do so, they may leave their legacy and paint their image on a ceiling tile to be displayed for many years to come.


    ** Please check back, examples coming soon **