• Hello!!

    My name is Mr. DeCenso. For a little background on me, I have been a teacher in Erie's Public Schools for 11 years. I have taught a variety of grade levels from 2nd grade to 8th grade Algebra. I have been teaching computer and financial literacy, as well as the foundations of computer science for the past 9 years. In today's global economy, now more than ever, is a growing need for skilled workers in this field of study. I am also extremely happy to be offering my services to financial literacy and business education as well due to the fact that my bachelor's degree is in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Being a former sales representative and retail manager also allows me to provide life experience to the course as well. I feel that learning these tools will aid all students in being more prepared for a future career, and more importantly, be able to use learned skills to make wise financial decisions at an earlier age.