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    School:  Grover Cleveland Elementary
    School Phone: 814-874-6670
    Room #:  102
    Classes:  Kindergarten
    Class size:  23 Students
    Welcome Message:
    Hi!  Here are some things you can do with your child and your child can do alone while they are at home. They can do the following:
    *Go on the web sites for math (IReady) and reading (Amplify) for 30 minutes everyday. (If you need their login info. let me know.)
    *Go over letters and sounds
    *Practice printing their first and last name in upper and lowercase letters with a space between them. 
    *Print the alphabet in both upper and lowercase letters.
    *Count sets of objects to 20. 
    *Practice counting to 100
    *Print numbers 0-20
    *Read to your child everyday! (Ask questions about the story, their favorite part, character, etc.)
    *Play games such as candyland, boggle jr., sorry, to help with color, and counting.
     **If you feel that you or a loved one needs help mentally, emotionally, and /or behaviorally, pleasse consider calling CRISIS SERVICES (24/7/365) AT 814-456-2014 OR AT 1-800-300-9558.                                                                   
    kids sitting on a bus
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