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Welcome to McKinley

  • McKinley Elementary School
    McKinley has an enrollment of about 500 students in grades Pre-K to 5. Included in these grades are three Life Skills Classrooms and two ESL classrooms, which represent families from Nepal, Iraq, Bosnia, Burma, Burundi, Afghanistan, Puerto Rico, Togo, Tanzania, Pakistan, Thailand, Russia, Somalia and Sudan. 
    In our school, the faculty, staff and families consider McKinley not just a school, but community sanctuary where there is no limit to the success they can achieve.

Mission, Beliefs, Motto

  • Our McKinley Mission 

    All students will achieve the necessary learning, support services, and care to be successful in the progression to be college or career ready at high school graduation.


    Our McKinley Vision 

    McKinley Community School will acquire necessary partners to offer a range of supports and opportunities to our children, families and community.  We will cultivate a climate that is welcoming to families and students having varying academic/nonacademic needs and connect students to supports that meet those needs. We will remain culturally responsive to the needs of students, parents, and community members involved in the school and multicultural competence in the classroom.


    Our McKinley School-wide Beliefs

    Respectful          Responsible       Safe       Prepared

     As members of McKinley Elementary Community School:

    *We have high expectations for all students and believe all students can achieve those high expectations

    *We differentiate instruction so that all students have the ability to be career and college ready

    *We build relationships of trust and respect with our students, their families, and each other

    *We will foster a positive learning environment by engaging students

    *We will utilize data to collaborate with students, their families, and each other to drive instruction.

    You don't have to be the best, just do your BEST.
    Be involved in school.
    Explore to Learn.
    Stay on course.
    Teach others what you have learned.