• Welcome to my page!
    Name: Mrs. J. Robinson
    School:Strong Vincent Middle School
    School Phone: 814-874-6500
    Room #: 126
    Classes: Reading and Math Learning Support 2019-2020
    Email: jrobinson@eriesd.org
    Welcome Message:
    Boy who would of thought I wouldn't see you guys for 3 weeks or so?  I hope first and foremost you guys are staying safe and healthy. Please make sure your parents and gardians know that there are food pick ups at the district in the school nearest you. You can show your parents on the Erie District website.  Secondly, I miss you, but also want for you to continue your learning. So, on the following pages (homework) you will see the few things I have planned for you. Thank you! Mrs. Robinson
    • You should also be checking out Mrs. Cahill's page for your website information and Ms. Easly's page for directions as well.



     ****Also, if you want to know your child's reading level or math level please reach out to me through email or any questions for that matter!!...