• Welcome!
      Trisha Farley
     Strong Vincent Middle School 
    School Phone: 874-6500
    Room #: 208
    Classes: 7 Grade Social Studies
    Welcome Message:
     Any student who would like to use Mrs. Cole as a resource can email her here.
     I have just added instructions on how to set up google classroom for my class. Go to class resources and find the word document. Follow the step by step instructions. 
    All assignments are under Class Resources:
    1. Watch CNN10 = to keep up on you current student news.
    2. There are many geography games to play. Feel free to choose anyone or find  your own.
    3. Smart futures: if you haven't completed the activities 1,4,5,6, please complete. To get ahead you can also complete activity #3.  Login info eriesd(lunch number) password is the same one you use for the computers. I can access this info if need it. If these are all done go over to the skills section and earn some badges.
    4. Beginning March 30th start journaling. See class resources for more information.