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Congratulations to Ahmed who crushed Kahoot - again! This time he barely beat Gabe. Great job.

  • Good morning one and all.

    And when I say morning, I mean it...it is currently 4:37am as I am typing this.  I couldn't sleep.  I kept waking up after seeing each of you in class, thinking of what you have accomplished since we left on 3/13 and what your future will hold.

    There are many different paths to follow as you move forward to 9th grade.  Each path, however, involves education of some sort.  Choose wisely, but don't feel ashamed or be upset if it isn't the "right" path the first time, or the second or the third.  I can tell you that I am on my fourth "path," teaching, and hopefully it is one that is allowing me to make an impact everyday.

    Several reminders today:  In science class, you needed to complete 14 out of 20 assignments to receive a "C," complete, for the 4th quarter.  I am closing the IC gradebook at 3pm today.  If you are at 14 or beyond already, good job!  If you are under 14, you still have some time.  

    Monday we input your first through third quarter grades.  I do not know how these calculations will be affected by a "C" or an "I" for the fourth quarter.  You should have access to the process by Wednesday or Thursday, by the latest.  For those of you who were "on the bubble," good luck.

    If you are returning to EPS next year, keep your chromebook or other materials provided.  Don't lose it.  There is a possibility it will be used in the fall in some capacity.  Plus, there is supplemental work showing up on Monday, 6/8, for those of you who like a challenge.  And, of course, one final Kahoot that will appear on Thursday and end on Friday.  I will post the code here as well on Thursday.

    Feel free to communicate over the summer and into next year.  If you need anything, let me know.  I will listen and then provide the push in the right direction.  

    Lastly, and probably most importantly, THANK YOU!  Thank you for allowing me to be your teacher this year, for allowing me to wave my arms and yell, for allowing me to drink coffee and teach at the same time, for allowing me to stand on chairs and jump off, for allowing me to show you that you don't always have to be right - if you can admit you're wrong.  I was wrong plenty of times, but I know I am right about this - You will go on to do great things in your own life.  

    As always:  be safe; be smart; and be CLASS-Y Colonels!


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ahmed winner
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