• Welcome to English/Language Arts!
    Name:  Miss Stephanie Domowicz (Miss D, Miss Dom, Miss Domo -- never Mrs. Domowicks!)
    School: Erie High School
    E-Mail:  sdomowicz@eriesd.org
    School Phone:  814/874-6400 ext 1644
    Room #:  A114
    Classes:  11th Grade ELA -- American Literature (year round:  2A, 4A, 4B)
                    African-American Literature (Spring 2023: 3A)
                    Creative Writing (Fall 2022: 3A, 1B, 2B)
                    Women's Literature (Spring 2023: 1B, 2B)
    Office Hours:  if you need to speak with Miss Domowicz about ANYTHING outside of classtime (a difficult assignment, your grade, career plans, a problem you're having, a cool thing you saw, etc.), please email, message via Schoology,  or stop by:  
                   -during 3rd Block on B DAYS ONLY
                   -Mondays, 8ish to 8:40 am (please ask for a pass BEFORE you plan to show up)
                   -by appointment (email/message first)