• Welcome to my page!
    Name:  Mr. Shaffer   
    School:  Strong Vincent Middle School
    Classes: 8th grade Social Studies
    Schoology username: 6 digit id number(lunch number) no @eriesd.og        example: 123456
    Schoology password: same as last year (what you used for alek and smartfutures, usually a word with 2 numbers at the end)
    Both username and password can be found on Infinite Campus
    History of the United States
    1000-1600 Theme 1- Exploration
    1587-1750 Theme 2- Colonization
    1754-1763 Theme 3- French and Indian War
    1763-1783 Theme 4- Taxation without Representation and the American Revolution
    1783-1800 Theme 5- Constitution and Government (includes Civil Rights court cases and movement)
    1800-1865 Theme 6- War, Expansion
    Student needs: 1 notebook for your Journal
                           1 notebook for Class Notes 
                           writing utensils
                           be on time in Schoology, Zoom and be signed into Google for your period
    We all understand this will be a rough transition for evereyone, lets be patience and work through this together.
    There will be technology issues and a learning curve for everyone.  Day by day we will improve.