• Updated 06/07/2020
    The following activities are for your information, entertainment, and/or enrichment.  You are not obligated to complete them, and they will not count toward your grade. 
    1. Click on the link to read about the largest and oldest Mayan monument.  Note the date of the article is June 3, 2020.  Archeologists are always finding new artifacts and ruins.  Also note that the structure is almost a mile in length.  Pretty cool!! 
    2.  Watch this video of an Egyptian burial chamber discovered in early 2020.   If you listen closely, you'll hear them talk about the canopic jars and amulets that were found in the burial chamber. 


    3.  You may enjoy watching a few additional videos on the BrainPop website. Feel free to just roam around on the site and watch videos of things that interest you.  :)  

    Click here to go to Brainpop website

     If you need a user name and password for Brainpop, you can use mine:

    user name:  historyfun

    password: besmart1


    4.  You know how much I love all things outer space.  I was GLUED to the TV watching the launch of the Space-X Dragon rocket.  It is the first manned crew launch to outer space in 9 years!!  Watch these short videos to learn more about the Space-X Dragon rocket. 

    LAUNCH of Space-X Dragon

    Tour of Space-X Dragon

    Dragon crew boards the International Space Station


    5.  Virtual Field Trips -  Some of these were posted early on in the quarentine.  I am re-posting them in case you missed them the first time around.

    Hubble Control Center

    Yellowstone National Park


    San Diego Zoo

    Guggenheim Museum

    Great Wall of China



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