• Our school counselors provide support to all students at Strong Vincent. Their goal is to eliminate barriers to academic success. Mrs. Munson and Mrs. VanNette meet with students individually and in a group setting.  They also work with families to provide resources outside the school.

    Mrs. Munson is the counselor for  all 6th grade students as well as 8th grade students with last names starting with A-M. She can be reached at 874-6506 or hmunson@eriesd.org

    Mrs. VanNette is the counselor for  all 7th grade students as well as 8th grade students with last names starting with N-Z. She can be reached at 874-6505 or jvannette@eriesd.org




    We are also fortunate to have a full-time mental health specialist at Strong Vincent.  Mrs. Miller works hand in hand with families to help them connect with services outside of the building. She also is the head of our Student Assistance Program and works closely with teachers and administrators to meet the needs of our students.  Feel free to email Mrs. Miller if you have any questions.  cmiller@eriesd.org


    There are also three full-time behavior interventionists stationed at Strong Vincent. Ms. Maldet (jmaldet@eriesd.org), 6th grade, Mr. Rohan (lrohan@eriesd.org), 7th grade, and Mr. Spronatti (zspronatti@eriesd.org), 8th grade. All three of these valuable staff members work with small groups of students to provide support, focusing on positive behavior redirection and conflict resolution.


    We encourage you to reach out to any of these staff members if your child needs extra support. We are here to help. Working together, as a team, is the best way to assist your child.