Mr. Garrett Skindell


     Woodrow Wilson Middle School
     room #214
    Social Studies - 8th Grade - American History

    UPDATE: Monday 4/20/2020 5:00pm: I have established "OFFICE HOURS" to answer emails and help any students or parents needing help getting logged on, or any questions you may have about completing Learning Opportunties as we enter this new phase of online learning.... 

    I will be available during these OFFICE HOURS to reply to any questions, help troubleshoot, and addresss any difficulties you may be having... We are all figuring out this new phase of learning together and I understand how frustrating it can be, so feel free to reach out and ask for help.

    OFFICE HOURS: gskindell@eriesd.org
    10am - 11am in the mornings
    1pm -2pm in the afternoons...

    if you have an issue, and its not during my Office Hours, still feel free to email any questions you may have...
    I just might not be as quick to reply as I would during Office Hours as I might be away from my computer workstation and may not see it right away... but I check my emails every day, multiple times a day... and will get back to you!

    stay safe...

    and stay tuned...
    Mr Skindell

    UPDATE: Tuesday 4/14/2020 10:30am:
    a link to access student emails has been posted by the district: eriesd.org/online 

    UPDATE: Monday 4/6/2020 8:00am: The Erie School District has announced that starting on April 20th, 2020, every student is required to participate in online instruction. We will be utilizing GOOGLE CLASSROOMS to deliver this online instruction.
    All students have been sent an invitation to join GOOGLE CLASSROOMS.
    Invitations were sent to each students school district email account.
    Once you've joined GOOGLE CLASSROOM, you MUST enter a class code for your period.

    PERIOD 1 code: gl7bar4

    PERIOD 2 code: rgxbi7r

    PERIOD 3 code: 4lmm37n

    PERIOD 4 code: sgjaeh2

    For any students experiencing difficulties joining a class through the email invitation, you can also follow these steps to join a class:
    • Go to classroom.google.com
    • log in with your school email.
    • In the top right corner of the screen, click the "+" and then click 'JOIN CLASS'
    • you will then enter the class code above for your period.

    Once you have entered the virtual class, please familiarize yourself with it and test out the link to your textbook and the Essential Questions for Chapter 6, section 4 that I have posted...

    I have not activated all the features yet, as I am learning the functions just as you are... Please take a look at the links and documents I have posted and test out whether you can access it... Your feedback is welcome, please do let me know how its going so that I may address and fix any issues for you.

    *YOUR FIRST TASK on Google Classrooms will be to post a message to me on the classroom page to let me know that you are in and ready to get started on April 20th!!!

    ***if you are experiencing difficulties in logging on and getting GOOGLE CLASSROOMS set up, you can email me at gskindell@eriesd.org or contact the school district's IT department via email at EPSsupport@eriesd.org 24 hours a day, or they can be reached by phone at
    (814)-874-6801 during normal school business hours.

    Here are two links to YouTube videos to help you if you need them:





    stay safe...


    stay tuned.

    Mr Skindell

    UPDATE: Monday, 3/23/2020 - 1:30pm SMART FUTURES LOG IN INFO:

    Hope you are all well and staying active. 
    Our first activity will be to complete ALL your work on the Smart Futures program.  (It is the Career program that we've been using all year.)
    how to Log In:
    *go to the Erie School District Student Portal
    *Click on the Smart Futures Icon... or the link above... or the smartfutures.org tab in the upper left hand corner of my page...
    - to login use the following:
         User Name: eriesd + your lunch# (for example: eriesd123456)
         Password: Regular Computer Log- In
    Most of you have completed some portion of smart futures... the MINIMUM you need to be considered complete is at least 9 activities. If you complete these levels you will have all the artifacts that are required.

    also... on the left hand side of my page, you'll see a hyperlink to 'Chapter 6' and the assigments that go with it... as well as hyperlinks to [TEXTBOOK: Creating America] and [CLASS RESOURCES: ClassZone]... I will be updating in the coming days and weeks so stay tuned...

    Update: Wednesday, 3/26/20: 10:00am - Today we begin: IXL Social Studies. 

    *Included are 10 different Level II Learning Opportunities!
    - do one per day until you've completed all 10...

    *Log in by going to the IXL icon on your Student Portal Page
    (just like you would for IXL in Ms. Kuhar's class)

    *In the search bar: Type in Social Studies
    From the drop down menu choose:
    Level II: Grade 8: Set K: # 1-10
    Keep working at it until you have a 100%.

    please feel free to let me know if theres any difficulty or issues you are having (via email)... we are all in this together... and working out this new process... so I understand how you feel.

    stay safe...

    Mr. Skindell