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    Classes: 6-8 Choir, World Drumming, Dancing through the Decades, Hand Bell Choir
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    Please check the appropriate class on the left tab of the webpage for class content. Review the Homework tab for each daily assignment. Thank you for your support and stay healthy
    Met Live in HD Series Free Student Streaming- Click here for more information on this 8 week series including a 48 hour stream, an educator showcase about the opera and artist hangout
    Schedule for Ensemble Members
    A Days- Choir  (All students should be listening to the music to get familiar with it from *Mr. TeCulver's web resources section on the webpage) Chorus students should also refer to the link below labeled "Ear training exercises" to improve interval recognition.
    B Days- World Drumming (1st & 2nd quarter) and Dancing through the Decades (3rd & 4th quarter)
    Wednesdays- Hand Bell Choir 3:00-3:50 (All students in 6-8th grade are welcome to join)