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    Classes: 6-8 Choir, World Drumming, Dancing through the Decades, Hand Bell Choir
    Piano being played
     I wanted to thank every student involved in the music program for their hard work and dedication. The Spring concert was a reflection of your attention to detail and tireless hours of rehearsals. You should all be very proud and I look forward to working with you again next year and continuing to build the choral program at SVMS. To the 8th graders who are leaving us, I thank you for your leadership and dedication to the chorus the past 3 years and I wish you good luck in whatever path you take as you enter high school. As promised, Click Here for the Spring Concert. The Honors choir starts at 1:00:00 and the combined choir begins at 1:07:27. Take pride in your accomplishments this year and enjoy your summer!
     Please feel free to use this link to watch the Talent show from March Click Here for Talent Show
     Please feel free to use this link to watch the performance of our holiday concert. Happy holidays and thank you for supporting the music program! Click Here for Holiday Concert
    Schedule for Ensemble Members
    A Days- Choir  (All students should be listening to the music to get familiar with it from *Mr. TeCulver's web resources section on the webpage) Chorus students should also refer to the link below labeled "Ear training exercises" to improve interval recognition.
    B Days- World Drumming (1st & 2nd quarter) and Dancing through the Decades (3rd & 4th quarter)
    Wednesdays- Hand Bell Choir 3:00-3:50 (All students in 6-8th grade are welcome to join)