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    Classes: 6-8 Choir, World Drumming, Dancing through the Decades, Hand Bell Choir
    Piano being played
    Holiday Concert- The Holiday concert will be on Tuesday, December 17th, 2019 in the Strong Vincent Auditorium at 6pm. This is a MANDATORY performance. Anyone who misses this or skips will earn 0/50 for their concert grade for the second quarter. Please consult the Winter Concert Information for performance attire expectations. 
    Schedule for Ensemble Members
    A Days- Choir  (All students should be listening to the music to get familiar with it from *Mr. TeCulver's web resources section on the webpage) Chorus students should also refer to the link below labeled "Ear training exercises" to improve interval recognition.
    B Days- World Drumming (1st & 2nd quarter) and Dancing through the Decades (3rd & 4th quarter)
    Wednesdays- Hand Bell Choir 3:00-3:50 (All students in 6-8th grade are welcome to join)