• Strong Vincent Middle School began a new chapter of its storied history on August 28, 2017 when the historic building on 8th street, welcomed middle school students for the first time in decades. SVMS was created when Erie's Public Schools consolidated all of its high schools into one high school, Erie High. This allowed district officials to turn Strong Vincent High School into Strong Vincent Middle School.
    Our Strong Vincent teaching staff consists of over 70 employees. We have ten teachers in 6th grade, and eight teachers in both 7th and 8th grade.  Core academic classes include math, language arts, writing, science and social studies. In addition to our core academic classes, we offer related arts courses in the areas of music, art, computer, physical education, family/consumer science, and STEM. 
    We also offer an Honors Academy for students in grades 6-8. Traditionally, all students in the honors program are advanced, or proficient on PSSA, received a teacher recommendation, and earned above average grades in their core academic areas. Many of our honors academy students will enroll in our magnet high school Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy. Currently, we have approximately 175 students in our honors program. 
    In addition to traditional and honors level courses, we also offer special education services for all students with an IEP. SVMS offers specialized programs in the areas of emotional support, autistic support, life-skills, and learning support. 
    Our current enrollment for the fall of 2018 is 856 students.