• Welcome to my page!
    Name:  Mr. Shaffer   
    School:  Strong Vincent Middle School
    Classes: 8th grade Social Studies
    Google Classroom code: u4nfgdu (you have to use your school district email to log onto google classroom 1st) directions and frequently asked questions are on district website
    Welcome Message:
     It's going to be an excellent year.  Thank you to all who attended opening house.  It was nice seeing everyone.  Please follow your child's progress on Infinite Campus.
     Year has been going very well.  Keep following your child's progress on Infinite Campus.  If questions with logging, contact the school and counselors for assistance.
    1000-1600 Theme 1- Exploration
    1587-1750 Theme 2- Colonization
    1754-1763 Theme 3- French and Indian War
    1763-1783 Theme 4- Taxation without Representation and the American Revolution
    1783-1800 Theme 5- Constitution and Government (includes Civil Rights court cases and movement)
    Keep up to date with your assignments on SmartFutures which you can assess throught the Erie Public Schools homepage.
    Students should know their username (example- eriesdyour lunch number so eriesd123456)
                                     their password (secret word= usually a word with 2 numbers at the end) (same password as your Aleks)
    Any concerns or you forget your password, email me and i can provide it to you again.
    Try your best to complete SmartFutures Activities #1-9.  Also, when you are in Smart Futures you can add Badges on topics of your interest and work up levels.
    Keep up to date completing your CES daily (5-7 sentences, underlining 3 terms/topics news focuses on)
    Also, if you have packet pages 27-30 on hand (GW, TJ and BF) those can be completed as well.
    Links are provided to both websites on my website course link.
    I have also added a link for U.S. and World Geography games to play with levels that are great reviews, engaging and fun.
    Watch the attached the youtube video on google classroom linked in the homework assignments.
    Google classroom code to join= u4nfgdu