Welcome to PreK 2023-2024!  
    Mrs. Marks and Ms. Tracie
    McKinley Elementary
    814-874-6870 ext. 1140  
    Office Hours: online/phone Monday through Friday at 2:30-3:10
    Thank you for participating in our Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences on Tuesday November 21, 2023. Please click on the link below during your scheduled conference time. 

    Welcome to Pre-K! We are so excited to start the new school year together with you.
    Below are listed activities that your child can work on daily for extra practice outside of school.
    *writing their name
    *recognizing letters A to Z
    *reconize numbers 1 to 10 or 1 to 20
    *look for shapes and colors around the house
    *read a book and ask them where the front and back cover are, point to a picture, point to a word. Ask what the author does and what the illustrator does.
    *allow time for reading books together, crafts/art time, and pretend play 
    *if you have scissors, practice cutting skills. You can have your child cut out coupons from grocery store ads. 
    *practice zipping your coat or hoodie
    *practice tying your shoelaces 
    *physical exercise: go to YouTube and type in gonoodle. There are a bunch of free dances and exercises on this website. www.gonoodle.com is a free website if you would like to sign up. We use it daily in our classroom.
    Please contact Mrs. Marks at my email or phone number if you have questions or concerns!