• Calculus is the most amazing math class you will ever take. That being said, Calculus BC is the hardest math class you could possibly take in high school. This course is the equivalent of a full year of college-level engineering calculus.
    The goal of this course is to provide students with the equivalent of a full year of engineering-level Calculus. We will focus on the elementary Calculus topics of limits, derivatives, integrals, and series. Throughout the course, we will operate with the "rule of four:" the ability to analyze and communicate ideas analytically (algebraically), graphically (by hand or using technology), numerically (by hand or using technology), and verbally (including written form). 
    Below, I have included both the syllabus that I distributed at the beginning of the school year (School Syllabus) as well as the syllabus I have submitted to the College Board (AP Syllabus). The AP Syllabus includes a timeline for the year.
    My school-mandated special help night is Monday, but I am willing to stay any day after school to help you with Calculus. If you want to stay any day other than Monday, please let me know so I can anticipate your arrival (I have children and a wife who like to know what is going on). In some circumstances, I may even be willing to meet with you during lunch (third lunch) or before school. 
    e-mail me if you find any mistakes.