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    Name:Mr. William D. Wright
    School:Erie High
    School Phone:814-874-6200 Ext. 1780
    Room #:104
    Classes:Early American History, Current Events and Sociology
    Welcome Message:
     Welcome to my page!  Education is vital for young people entering an adulthood characterized by technology and complex problems, accelerating change, and increasingly global inter-connections.  Students of the 21st Century have a yearning for learning in diverse ways.  I feel it is my responsibility as an educator in todays world to make my lessons stimulating enough to make classes meaningful, purposeful, and personally useful. One of the most fundamental reasons for me becoming a teacher is the fact that I love to motivate students as well as teach students.  I pride myself on challenging my students to better themselves and reach for their maximum potential.  I feel that a great teacher is not just a great instructor but a teffific motivator as well.  I feel that structure and organization is essential in a classroom.  It is importatnt that my students know what is expected from them.  Expectations should be set high and very early on in the academic school year.  I hope you find my page inviting and interactive.  I feel students must be provided with a wide variety of experiences which develop knowledge, core values, skills, and attitudes that will help them effectively function politically, economically, socially, morally, and intellectually.  In the event you need some extra help my day this school year is every Thursday from 8:10-8:40
    Email me anytime at wwright@eriesd.org