• Ms. Ulmer - Language Arts 9 & Creative Writing
    Name: Heather Ulmer
    School: Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy
    School Phone: 814-874-6300   
    Room #:112
    Classes:Language Arts 9 Honors, Language Arts 9, & Creative Writing
    Book an Appt. at the NPCA Writing Center
    REMOTE LEARNING: Mandatory online classes start Mon., 4/20. 
    Please join my Google Classroom with the following codes. LA9 students need to please review the book choices for their last unit of study. They will need this book by 4/20 to complete their online assignments and final project. Students should message me their book of choice. Students who cannot get a copy of the book of their choice should message me for a free code/pin to get up to 10 free eBooks on the app Open eBooks. Book choices are available in my Google Classroom. 
    LA9 (A2 & B2): qemks33
    LA9 Honors (A3): rzsygwm
    Creative Writing (A4 & B1): nhzbqbb
    Text: 81010 with the message: 
    LA9 (A2 & B2): @h624
    LA9 Honors (A3): bdh42fk
    Creative Writing (A4 & B1): 62fbc7 
    ***Please contact me if you have ANY questions! Stay safe and healthy!!!***
    Check below if you need to check the daily agenda, print out copies of handouts, find the full
    text/audio of a selection from class, study guides, supplemental review materials, etc.
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