• hairspray Theatre
    We laughed as 'Enry 'Iggins transformed Eliza Doolittle from cockney to cultivated. We covered our eyes as Sweeney Todd went about his ghastly business. We cheered as Ebeneezer Scrooge said goodbye to his miserly ways and sent the Crachit family a turkey on Christmas Day. And we cried as Romeo and Juliet spoke their final words to each other. We applauded Pippin, hurrahed Hairspray, and gave a standing ovation for Seussical.
    The Collegiate Academy theatre program is one of the cornerstones of the arts at Collegiate Academy. It showcases our students' many talents, from the actors, dancers, and singers in the cast to the stage crew to the students who run sounds and lights.
    Every year the department stages two shows: a play and a musical. This past fall's production was She Loves Me, and the spring play will be The Foreigner.
    Theatrical productions at Collegiate Academy offer opportunities for anyone interested in experiencing live theatre firsthand. Comedies, dramas, mysteries, and musicals allow participants to experience a wide range of performance and technical theatre. Cast sizes vary from show to show, allowing room for everyone to participate in a way that suits them best. Auditions for all shows are open to all Collegiate Academy students and require no previous experience. Those who enjoy acting, singing, or dancing--and those who might like to try--are all welcome to get involved. There are also plenty of opportunities to work backstage on the running crew, lights, sound, costumes, sets, props, or publicity at Collegiate Academy.
    The theatre department also offers many opportunities for students to learn about the exciting world of the theatre through hands-on experience. Theatre classes introduce students to the fundamentals of acting and the stage. Students will also experience the many aspects of technical theatre, its terminology, and the historical development of the stage. Students learn basic acting techniques will be learned through improvisation, pantomime, vocal exercises, rehearsals, and performance. The program encourages students to tap into their creative talent as they develop an appreciation of the theatre.
    All productions are directed by Rich Tryzbiak, who also teaches the theatre arts classes. For musicals, Susan Huster works with the singers, Amy Federowicz conducts the orchestra, and Carla Hughes choreographs the dance routines.