• Student Government
    The Collegiate Academy School Government is a collaborative body comprising the School Administration (Dean and Associate Deans), the Faculty Senate (Faculty Advisors and Department Representatives), the Student Government (Student Senate President, Class Vice Presidents and Homeroom Representatives) and the Parent Advisory Board.
    The unique feature of Collegiate Academy’s School Government is the Student Government branch.  The Student Senate is the steering committee and the decision-making body for all student activities.  All nine elected officers of the Student Senate participate in a yearlong class titled “Leadership, Decision-making and Strategic Planning.”  The course explores a variety of governing styles and structures prevalent in education, business, and local government.
    The Student Senate officers plan and coordinate all student sponsored projects and activities in conjunction with the homeroom representatives elected to the Student Government House of Representatives.  This body works cooperatively with School Administration, the Faculty Senate and the Parent Advisory Board to govern Collegiate Academy.  The goals of the Student Government branch of the Collegiate Academy School Government are to effectively manage student affairs, to generate student input for all relevant school issues, and to provide valuable leadership experience and training for the students involved in Student Government.
    Follow this link to our Wikispace to see our Student Government in action and catch up on upcoming Student Senate sponsored activities.