• Welcome to my page!
    Name: Hugh Hillhouse
    School: Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy
    School Phone: (814) 874- 6300
    Room #: 204
    Classes: Algebra 1 Honors, Geometery Honors
    Welcome Message:
     Welcome to Mr. Hillhouse's class! I am very excited about teaching here at Academy. 
    4/7 Update: I am now posting the same assignments here as I am in Google Classroom as several people are having trouble signing into Google. Please send me a photo of the work when you get it done and I will check it off. Stay safe! Mr. H
    4/13 Update: There are still a few students who have not signed up for Google Classroom. I have sent everyone an invitation and I will be posting the lessons and assignemnts from that location. Please email me if you have any trouble logging in. If you logged into the Google Classroom before last week, PLEASE check your status as I had do delete the course and set up a new one. Again, I have sent emails and reminders to everyone. Stay safe.